Fantasy Harem

The planet Ethereum, enriched by soil and life, is one large round continent, enveloped in what seems to be an endless Ocean. Abundant only in fruits, berries and various types of vegetation. There is only one dominant race of Humans on this planet. For a long time in our world there was only harmony, without wars and diseases, without poverty and hatred. It was a paradise for everyone. Until one ordinary sunny day, when everyone was enjoying a peaceful life, a storm surged, clouds thickened and an unknown relic appeared among them, a clot of incredible strength, a rhombic crystal soaring in the sky. The crystal threw out energy, which stunned and parried the entire female sex. Later, every woman transformed into a cocoon, and every man heard a formidable voice, the voice of the crystal: "Only one of you will receive my power, only one of you can become the master of this peace". Despair and greed seized them, the world enveloped in chaos. A deadly war began for the right to be the ruler of the unknown power of the crystal and the ruler of Ethereum! The day the war started was called the Crypto Day! 7 years later ...

Seven years have passed since the Crypto Day. The war took many good and kind people, but in the end, only seven men remained alive on the whole earth. Their strengths were inconceivable, each was smart and handsome, each had a different worldview and dreams of how to use the power that they would soon receive. All the remaining warriors gathered under the crystal in order to end the war and decide who will be the one and only master! The battle lasted 7 days and no one could defeat their rival. The impatience of the most high relics paralyzed the participants in the battle, then the crystal sparkled and its menacing voice rang out again: “Each of you is worth of my strength, but the last battle will take place in a different arena! The receiver of my power will be only the one who will conquer as many hearts of these magical creatures as possible!”. The crystal lit up, the energy was directed not at the warriors, but at the women who were forgotten and wrapped in cocoons. The cocoons cracked, and incredible magical creatures came out of them. The energy that fed our women, it changed them, both from outside and inside. Incredibly beautiful, strong unearthly creatures came out of the cocoons. The characteristic feature was that the crystal divided female sex into 7 races, each one had a different appearance and strength. Then the crystal recalled that in this world there can be only 1 master and because of this, the war gained momentum. Each Race joined each of the remaining men, calling them masters and swearing to them in endless service. The world has divided into 7 parts and each race with its lord was sent to separate parts of the mainland in the part that was most suitable for their newly minted races. Each lord made a feast for the glory of a new power, but no one forgot why the war began, the war for the ether! "Fantasy Harem". Races: Demons ,Orcs, Light elve, Dark elves, Bestial, Angels, Undead

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